Common Questions About Juicing: For a Healthy Lifestyle

juicing common questions


The numerous juice bars popping up around the country are evidence that juicing is the latest trend in the health sector. Freshly pressed raw juices are buzzwords in convincing people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Dieters seeking to lose weight are convinced that juicing is part of the process, especially since it helps with the “cleanse”. But is juicing what it is hyped up to be?

Here are some common questions concerning the healing properties of juicing:

Does juicing help you absorb more nutrients?


Juicing helps you take in more nutrients since it removes the need for digesting the pulp from the squeezed fruit. It also helps you consume more vegetables than you normally would by removing the fiber, which although important to your body, is tedious for digestion.

To counter the bitter taste of many vegetable juices, you can add lemon, which has a low fructose level and excellently masks the undesirable taste.

Does juicing cleanse your body?


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Your reliance on fast foods due to a lack of time to prepare a healthier meal at home packs your body with toxins. To flush out these toxins and cleanse your body, you should try going on a juice fast. Juice fasting entails consuming the juice of vegetables and fruits without the pulp to rest your digestive system.

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Does juicing help in the fight against cancer?


Consuming juices instead of whole fruits and vegetables helps your body take in more nutrients. Individuals undergoing chemotherapy as a cancer treatment require more energy and nutrients, which they can get quickly from juices rather than struggling with swallowing and digesting whole foods containing pulp and fiber.


Is there a difference between fresh-pressed and bottled juice?


There are few differences between freshly pressed raw juice and bottled juices, primarily due to the method of production and preservation.  Some studies indicate that pasteurization and preservation of juices degrade their nutritional content, specific products such as tomato juice, orange juice, Concord grape juice, and cloudy apple juice benefit from preservation since the levels of lycopene in tomatoes and antioxidants in apples, oranges, and grapes increase.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are invaluable for a healthy lifestyle. You should consider juicing as a way of obtaining more nutrients from your diet.

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Irina Kirilyuk