Drinking enough water is essential for optimal skin health as well as for overall physical and mental wellbeing. Many people do not drink enough water, and they may be dehydrated often without feeling thirsty. Water and healthy skin go hand in hand, and consuming insufficient amounts of water could cause and exacerbate skin problems. To determine how much water is needed by each individual, it is best to divide total body weight in pounds by 2.2. These four tips on how to drink more water can help combat the onset of dehydration.



drinking water for beautiful complexion

1. Keep Water Next to Bed

A glass or bottle of water that is kept on a nightstand, dresser or table next to a bed can encourage more water consumption. Drinking the water immediately after waking up can help keep the body better hydrated. The water will also be there to drink in case thirst sets in during the middle of the night. Since water and healthy skin coincide with one another, having water available to drink throughout the night can also help prevent nighttime skin breakouts.


2. Carry a Bottle of Water While on the Go


hight quality water bottle - stainless steel


One of the best ways to promote healthy skin naturally is to carry a bottle of water while running errands or tending to other daily tasks and drinking from it regularly throughout the course of the day. It can be easy to forget to drink enough water while tending to important tasks and having a water bottle handy can serve as a good reminder.


3. Add Flavor to Your Water


lemon water for healthy complexion

Some people find the taste of water to be bland and refrain from drinking much of it. Fortunately, there are flavors that can be added to make the water taste better and solve the problem of how to drink more water. You can find water flavorings are sold in some stores, but my favorite flavoring is just adding a slice of lemon or lime to a glass of water to enhance the taste.

4. Finish Drinking Two Hours Before Bed

To avoid having to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, it is advisable to finish drinking water for the day two hours before bedtime. Setting this cutoff time is also a great way to assess how much water was consumed throughout the day and determine if any improvements need to be made to drink more water.

Sufficient water intake is possible if conscious efforts are made to drink plenty of it throughout the course of each day. Drinking more water also provides an easy way to achieve healthy skin naturally.

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Drink to good health! Cheers!



Irina Kirilyuk


What are the differences between a vegan and a plant-based diet?

What are the differences between a vegan and a plant-based diet?

There is a common misconception among many people that a vegan diet and a plant-based diet are the same things. Sure, both diets consist of healthy foods that heal your body, but vegans, as opposed to those on a plant-based diet, do not eat any animal-based products (which includes meat, eggs, milk, or any animal-derived ingredients).

Vegan diet vs. plant-based diet explained

Vegans live a very healthy lifestyle that excludes indulging in foods derived from any form of animal exploitation. Unlike people that are on a plant-based diet, those on a vegan diet pride themselves on being more environmentally-friendly. On the other hand, those on a plant-based diet generally do not exclude foods from their diet that are derived from animals, rather, they will focus on a diet that is plant-based and does not include meat.

For vegans, their healthy lifestyle choices usually extend beyond their diet into their everyday life. For example, vegans will avoid wearing anything made from animal products such as shoes and clothes that are made from fur, silk, wool, leather or any other animal-derived fabrics. The healthy lifestyle choices made by both vegetarians and people on a plant-based diet are generally viewed in a positive manner when compared to omnivorous humans, but vegans recognize a diet and way-of-life that is considered more environmentally-friendly and less destructive to animals than those on a plant-based diet.

vegan diet vs plant based diet

How to choose which diet is right for you

Both diets are very healthy and have many benefits to living a healthy life. In the end, determining which diet is best for you depends on your motive and health plans. For example, if your primary motive is to get in shape and eliminate meat from your diet, then a plant-based diet might work best for you. However, if you are more concerned about the ethical treatment of animals over anything else, then a vegan diet might work best for you.

There are many people that actually don’t identify as being on either diet and switch between both a vegan and a plant-based diet depending on what foods they are interested in at the time.

So regardless of whether you lean towards a vegan diet or a plant-based diet, just remember, both have many health benefits and you have made a great decision to live a healthy life.

Irina Kirilyuk




Juicing For Healthy Skin

juicing for healthy skin

Sluggishness, inflammation, and skin conditions can all result from a buildup of toxins in your body. Luckily, there is a simple solution that can quickly have you living your best healthy life.

Research has uncovered numerous health benefits of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in plantsJuicing is a quick and easy way to add those nutrients from whole food sources into your everyday diet. If it sounds too good to be true, read on to learn about the benefits of juicing and adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

What is a Plant-Based Lifestyle? 

vegan lifestyle
Plant-based meal

I am not asking you to completely remove meat and dairy from your diet completely. If you are new to this lifestyle, rather, focus on receiving the majority of your nutrients from plant sources. This is not just fruits and vegetables. Some other common and readily available plant-based foods include:

• Beans and other legumes
• Nuts and seeds
• Whole grains
• Oils (like olive, avocado, coconut, and sunflower)

The Mediterranean diet is a popular plant-based diet that you may have heard about.


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Juicing, live your best healthy life
Juicing for health and beauty

Why Juicing?

We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for us. But, have you ever tried to eat 10 servings of vegetables in a meal? It just isn’t realistic for most people. This is where juicing can help.
Juicing is the process of extracting the juice from fruits and vegetables. Most of the nutrients are extracted along with the juice, without the bulky fiber – or the discomfort it can cause later. Some of the great nutrients you can get from fruits and vegetables include:

  • Protein  – Yes, you read that right. Fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based foods have naturally occurring protein. Green leafy vegetables offer an excellent opportunity to add protein to your plant-based lifestyle. 


  • Enzymes  – Enzymes are workhorses that help your body start biological processes. They help your body with digestion and extracting other nutrients from the foods you eat.


  • Phytonutrients – Choose fruits and vegetables with a wide range of colors to maximize these and their benefits.


  • Antioxidants  – Along with phytonutrients, these are the powerhouses of the superfoods you have heard about. Antioxidants help fight free radicals, which damage the cells and tissues of your body.


  • Minerals – There are twenty-one minerals that your body must have to function properly. Luckily for you, you can get all of them from juicing and a plant-based diet.


  • Vitamins – You can find all thirteen vitamins needed by your body in a plant-based diet. Adding fresh fruits and veggies will make sure you get all the vitamins you need to start living your best healthy life.


The glow from Within:  Try Juicing for Healthy Skin


I believe consuming home-pressed juice is one of the quick and easy ways to get your daily micronutrients into your cells. Your overall energy levels will go up and your skin will improve almost immediately.

Stay tuned.. my favorites juices for a beautiful complexion coming soon …

Please share your favorite juice recipes in the comments below.