Drinking enough water is essential for optimal skin health as well as for overall physical and mental wellbeing. Many people do not drink enough water, and they may be dehydrated often without feeling thirsty. Water and healthy skin go hand in hand, and consuming insufficient amounts of water could cause and exacerbate skin problems. To determine how much water is needed by each individual, it is best to divide total body weight in pounds by 2.2. These four tips on how to drink more water can help combat the onset of dehydration.



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1. Keep Water Next to Bed

A glass or bottle of water that is kept on a nightstand, dresser or table next to a bed can encourage more water consumption. Drinking the water immediately after waking up can help keep the body better hydrated. The water will also be there to drink in case thirst sets in during the middle of the night. Since water and healthy skin coincide with one another, having water available to drink throughout the night can also help prevent nighttime skin breakouts.


2. Carry a Bottle of Water While on the Go


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One of the best ways to promote healthy skin naturally is to carry a bottle of water while running errands or tending to other daily tasks and drinking from it regularly throughout the course of the day. It can be easy to forget to drink enough water while tending to important tasks and having a water bottle handy can serve as a good reminder.


3. Add Flavor to Your Water


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Some people find the taste of water to be bland and refrain from drinking much of it. Fortunately, there are flavors that can be added to make the water taste better and solve the problem of how to drink more water. You can find water flavorings are sold in some stores, but my favorite flavoring is just adding a slice of lemon or lime to a glass of water to enhance the taste.

4. Finish Drinking Two Hours Before Bed

To avoid having to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, it is advisable to finish drinking water for the day two hours before bedtime. Setting this cutoff time is also a great way to assess how much water was consumed throughout the day and determine if any improvements need to be made to drink more water.

Sufficient water intake is possible if conscious efforts are made to drink plenty of it throughout the course of each day. Drinking more water also provides an easy way to achieve healthy skin naturally.

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Drink to good health! Cheers!



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